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Our news

A cooperation agreement was signed by Al-Rajhi Bank and Dyiar Alarabiya in the field of real estate development
Al-Rajhi Bank and Dyiar Alarabiya have singed a cooperation agreement to enhance the funding of the real estate development. This agreement was concluded as a continuation of the cooperation between the two parties. Dyiar Alarabiya is considered as a main partner of Al-Rajhi Bank in the field of real estate development.
Dyiar Alarabiya follows a developmental strategy that contribute in achieving tomorrow’s clear vision. It seeks to interpret it through setting different goals, mainly in contracting with international firms. Therefore, Dyiar Alarabiya signed a contract to have a study on the company’s organizational structure and development. In addition, this study aims to set a strategic plan with the pioneers in the same field.
AlBilad Bank
Dyiar Alarabiya and AlBilad Bank have signed a cooperation agreement in terms of providing Al-Rajhi’s clients real estate products. It also aims to develop the residential projects that Dyiar Alarabiya holds, especially its expanding future plans.
National Commercial Bank
In accordance to the government’s vision 2030 in expanding the provision of real estate, Dyiar Alarabiya has signed a cooperation contract with the National Commercial Bank (NCB). This agreement aims to fund the real estate projects as well as raise the percentage of citizens owning houses.
Arab National Bank
Dyiar Alarabiya proudly continues its march of achievements by signing a cooperation agreement with the Arab National Bank, as part of the activists in Restatex Riyadh Real Estate Exhibition.
Dyiar Alarabiya applies multiple systems that facilitate scheduling and structuring administrative systems and processes. Therefore, it contributes in the process of making decisions in regards of getting the Aimee results, agreed goals, productivity improvement, raise the quality and to ensure the excellent efficiency of the employees performance. Dyiar Alarabiya relies on a set of smart solutions, mainly on “Microsoft Dynamic 365” program which is directly connected with data. It is also supposed by “Microsoft Power Platform” which provides smart solutions and have a huge impact.


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