Shams Aldyar

In the north of Riyadh, “Shams Al-Dyar” shines, scattering the rays of its beauty with a striking building architecture. Shams ALDYAR is a combination of the original past and the elegance of modernity. It consists of 503 housing units of different models, the land area starts from 200 meters up to 479 meters. “Al Diar Al Arabiya” aims to provide an integrated residential environment that is concerned with the absolute luxury, and includes the entire needs of the family. Shams AlDyar project is the fruit of a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Housing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Diyar Alarabiya Real Estate Development Company, which always seeks to live up to the ambitions of its customers, by providing innovative solutions and unique designs with high-quality buildings and the first specialized contractors, and their co-operatives housing over the past years.
Number of units